Full text search

It finds relevant documents based on your query

Faceted search

It is able to group and search by specific fields like color, size, type, category, etc

Multi tenancy

One instance can handle thousands of indices


It can be run from one command from light linux distribution - alpine

Web UI

It provides Web UI for managing and exploring your data. It's more convenient than API

Schema free

It can index any flat json documents without defining schema


It provides simple interface for integrating with external systems


Faceted search performance is probably best on the market

Use cases

Most of use cases work by integrating a JSON API with your system


The products can be categorized by color, size, price ranges, brands, sorted by pricing

Exploring CSV

Exploring CSV with more than 100K records ? No problem anymore. Just put data into index and explore by provided Web UI

Jobs boards

Job board can be categorized by country, city, skills set, salary range and more

Booking systems

Find ideal travel thanks to destination, star ratings, property type filters. Show most popular or cheapest


Segment customers or prospects by location, position, seniority, team size, company revenue ranges

Lead generation

Segment companies by internet traffic, revenue, team size, technologies, location and match only best potential customers